Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Favorite Blogs

For me my morning is complete without looking through my favorite blogs. I have this obsession with UK fashion/style so I usually spend a lot of time on those. Here are some of my favorites:

#1. This Fashion is Mine by +Gwen McMullin 

This is one of my absolute favorites because her style is so cute and edgy, I just love it. She posts tons of cute DIY's (Like this super cute drop spike drop spike necklace). 

#2. VIPXO by Victoria India

Not only does this blogger have the coolest initials ever (VIP!), every week she posts these cute little ebay inspired pictures where she tags cool stuff she's found on Ebay. I always check her blog if I want any beauty or fashion advice. 

#3. +Doe A Deery  

This blog, run by 9 different women, is so fun! I found this gem searching for cute hairstyles on youtube, and I found one of the bloggers videos, and boy am I glad. They have a little bit of everything so far- cute DIY's, inspirational messages, hairstyle tips, fashion advice. 

#4. Nany's Closet by Daniela Remirez

I found Daniela on Lookbook about a month ago. Her outfit posts are awesome and great for inspiration. She has style that anyone can relate to. She has posts were she shows three different outfits based around a single piece (like a cute top, color skinny jeans, or shoes). 

#5. Dans le Townhouse

This blog is loaded with cute DIY's and decorating inspiration for the home. Whether it's the vintage Hungarian posters or a cute diy ombre canvas painting, you are bound to find something to love about this blog!

#6. +Oh Happy Day
This blog is DIY central. Seriously. Every single post is a cute and easy to make DIY. She had a collection of posts called "Party In A Box" where she had a box of supplies, and each time she "decorated" a different themed party with the same items, just in different ways!


  1. Alexandra! You made my day by including doe a deery on your favorite blogs list! Thank you so much! I'm excited to read more on your blog!

    1. Oh thanks! I absolutely loved your hair tutorial!